One integrated class.
Endless benefits.

Classes range from high intensity sweat fests to guided runs to yoga flows to more restorative options. Every single practice ends with meditation—but meditation is far from an afterthought. It’s the heart of the experience. Mindfulness teachings and awareness training are woven into the movement portion of every class to help you get stronger, uncover more joy, gain clarity, build trust, and increase compassion.

Proven method that sticks

The benefits of meditation only come with regular practice, but making it a habit can be challenging. Research shows you are far more likely to adopt a new habit if you chain it to an existing one. We’ve seen hundreds of people who already exercise develop a meaningful, lasting meditation practice by taking our classes.

Meet the founder

Hi, I’m Kait Hurley. I created the Move & Meditate website and app to help people discover the magic and wisdom within. I’ve got a love of learning, and I draw from my experience as a Division 1 athlete, a fitness instructor of 10+ years, an avid yogi, and four years of studying under an experienced mindfulness educator and researcher.

Meet the expert

The practices and offerings available on the Move & Meditate app and website are developed in collaboration with Kait's teacher, Kimberly Carson. Kimberly is a yoga therapist, mindfulness educator, author and trainer. Her 25 years of work developing, teaching, and researching mindfulness programs at Duke University, the University of North Carolina, and Oregon Health & Science University has helped thousands of people refine their relationship to stress, loved ones, anxiety, pain, illness and innumerable life struggles. It is a deep honor to share her wisdom and expertise with you.

A company (love) story

Kait and her husband Peter Marks, an app developer and activist, co-founded this company in 2017 in Portland, Oregon. In 2021, they rebranded to Move & Meditate and launched new technology to support the growing community. To-date, they’ve bootstrapped the company on savings and have not taken outside investment.

Honoring the teachings

Move & Meditate classes are inspired by traditional yogic and Buddhist teachings as well as the wisdom traditions of humanity going back thousands of years. Yogic teachings date back to India 5000 years ago, and for 4500 of those years, the practice was strictly meditation. In 1892, Swami Vivekananda introduced the philosophy of yoga to the United States. The asana practice—or the postures—we’re more familiar with today were brought by Indian teachers Yogendra, Sivananda, and Krishnamacharya. This is not a comprehensive history, but it’s important to acknowledge its origins and history.

DJ Larry Levan at Paradise Garage

Honoring the music

Music drives the energy of each class and the majority of the licensed tracks you hear are various forms of dance music. It’s important to realize this music isn’t just for our entertainment. It emerged in the 1970s and 80s as a response to oppression. House music came from LGBTQ communities in Chicago. Techno was created by Black Detroiters and repressed East-Berliners. Hip Hop and disco come from Black and Latino communities in New York.

Supporting equity in wellness

Inequality, racism, and misogyny are deeply embedded in the health and wellness space. We realize that we’re not separate from this problem. One of the ways we’re trying to address it is by giving organizations and individuals access to these practices that might otherwise not be able to access them.

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