We support equity in wellness.

We acknowledge that there is inequality and racism in the health and wellness space. We also realize we’re not separate from this problem. This is one part of our plan to address it.

Free access for equity-seeking organizations

The people dedicated to making this world a better place oftentimes suffer from burnout and stress. We offer free access to organizations whose primary purpose is seeking equity so they can take care of their teams who show up to support their community.

Scholarships for underserved individuals

Groups of people are systematically denied access to these practices—especially Black people, Indigenous people, and People of Color. In an effort to make these teachings more widely accessible, we’ve rolled out scholarships in honor of a dear friend, Megan Krzmarzick.

Meet the inspiration behind these initiatives.

Megan Krzmarzick was an artist and advocate who recognized the power of showing up fully present, now. Her legacy is how fiercely she loved, how fully she embraced the preciousness of life, and how she encouraged others to see their magic and inherent worth. Megan’s courage, love, and sincere wish for equity in wellness is alive in our programming.