Help your employees thrive

with movement sessions that integrate mindfulness and awareness training.

About the product

Classes on the Move and Meditate app and website range from high intensity sweat-fests to guided runs to yoga flows to more restorative options. Our programs programs, including an expert-led 8-week meditation program, are accessible to all abilities.

Why it’s different

  • One integrated class: Meditation isn't an afterthought. Mindfulness teachings and awareness training are woven into the movement portion of every class to help your employees thrive.
  • Proven method that sticks: We’ve seen hundreds of people who already exercise develop a meaningful, lasting meditation practice by taking our classes.


Oregon Health & Science University

Many employees are struggling with burnout and exhaustion, especially frontline workers like nurses. We partnered with Oregon Health & Science University to give their employees access to the Move & Meditate app. Our research-backed approach of integrating mindfulness training into exercise classes has made the benefits of meditation accessible to over a thousand of their employees, helping them be more present to care for our community during COVID.

Something for everyone

Classes range from high-intensity sweat sessions, to guided runs, to more restorative options like yoga. Employees can also unlock access to programs, including an expert-led 8-week meditation program.

Our workplace packages include:

  • Access to Move & Meditate classes through our iOS app, Android app and website
  • Personalized support for your employees via email
  • Engagement reporting
  • On-site and virtual launches + resources
  • Ongoing support from our team